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ChatGPT vs PowerDreamer

What is really ChatGPT?

One could understand ChatGPT as coming in 3 main product experiences: ChatGPT (free), ChatGPT+ ($20/month) and GPTs (requires ChatGPT+). When people refer to "ChatGPT", they may be referring to using any of the above 3.

ChatGPT can be seen as essentially a chat interface that allows you to interact with OpenAI's AI models. When you interact with ChatGPT (free), it uses the default model (GPT-3.5). The advanced model (GPT-4) is much superior, which is why people might consider paying $20/month for ChatGPT+. Unfortunately, your usage of ChatGPT+ is severely rate-limited to a certain number of messages (for example 40 messages every 3 hours).

In November of 2023, OpenAI announced GPTs. Think of them as the evolution of ChatGPT plugins with a GPT Store that could be understood as similar to Apple's App Store. GPTs make use of the chat interface of ChatGPT but they can come with some specific baked-in prompting for specific use cases.

When you use a GPT, you are still facing the ChatGPT+ rate-limits of X messages per Y hour.

What is PowerDreamer?

PowerDreamer is a collection of specialised AI writing tools that are an order of magnitude more powerful than what ChatGPT offers.

This is achieved, for example, by optimised prompt engineering on our backend and by not rate-limiting your usage of any AI model by time.

More importantly, we offer Power Mode: AI generates up to 10 variations in parallel, analyses them and then picks the best one based on your criterion.

In other words, what Power Mode does is generate up to 10 times the output in parallel for the same input and then essentially pick the best one based on what you want. For the same input, an LLM (Large Language Model, GPT-4 for example) will produce different outputs from what can be understood as a possibility tree. Some branches could be much better than others but you only get to see one per generation with ChatGPT. Power Mode allows you to explore more of the tree faster to get better output.

Why use PowerDreamer?

To go from one location to another, you may have multiple options.

Walking is free (ChatGPT) but may take a lot more time and could become literally painful.

So you may want to call a taxi (ChatGPT+). The issue is that the chauffeur may decide to stop at times (ChatGPT+ messaging limits), argue with you and may have his own idea of what the optimal path is, which may not be the best one for you.

Distraught by your experience with the taxi, you may decide to rent a specific car for your needs (a GPT). The car unfortunately sometimes stops working (ChatGPT+ messaging limits).

By now, you start wondering what reasonable options may remain. All you want to do is get from point A to point B in the most efficient manner possible and without spending a fortune! How hard can that be?

Suddenly, a black limousine stops by, a chauffeur comes out, hands you the keys and says you can use the car however you want for a certain distance that you can pick based on your budget and it comes with a parallel dimensions mode (Power Mode) that will create alternate timelines every time you turn the car on. In each timeline, the limousine takes a different path and the timeline where the limousine took the best path based on your goal for the trip (speed, enjoying the scenery, etc... and in the case of writing: character, assertiveness, SEO, CTR, etc...) is then recommended to you. That's PowerDreamer, which starts at only $14.99/month.

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