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How to write like Sergey Brin?

Use this AI paraphrasing tool.

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Advanced AI Model

10x Results with Power Mode

A traditional solution, like a chatbot, generates with a certain degree of randomness a single output to a complex query.

Instead, have AI explore up to 10 outputs simultaneously and select the best one based on the criterion you chose. It's not just about quantity: it's about getting you the best possible result.

Your Privacy Matters

PowerDreamer made the uncommon decision to not save your generation inputs and outputs in its database.

Any Questions?

You can pick the appropriate Personal Style & Tone and use Power Mode to achieve the right result. The Advanced AI Model is much more powerful than what you get in your typical chatbot experience.

They can produce very misleading results. They detect 100% humanly written text as AI generated for example. You can simply run your output through any number of AI detectors and then use our AI Paraphrasing Tool if needed. In fact, we recommend you do so even for text you have 100% written yourself as it may still get wrongly detected as AI generated.

You may have seen content generated using popular chatbots but have you tried Power Mode?

Many people use popular chatbots that may use less powerful AI Models. With PowerDreamer, you can use Power Mode with an Advanced AI model that is much more powerful than what you get in your typical chatbot experience.

Yes, a well-known limitation of LLMs (Large Language Models, a type of AI model) is that there is a margin of error, which is why it's important to read things over. You may be familiar with such limitations if you have interacted, for example, with one of the popular chatbots.

You can read a blog post about what differentiates PowerDreamer here.

The Advanced AI model is not available to free users and uses more credits but is a lot more powerful.

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